Week in Review

In brief:

Two homicides were reported in D.C. this week:

A judge ruled Saturday there was not enough evidence to hold Yvonne Simms is suspected in connection with the stabbing 49-year-old Kenyatta Jordan, her husband. Simms remains charged with second-degree murder while armed, despite her release.

Frances Lyles, 25, was arrested and held in connection with the June death of 3-year-old Xavier Lyles. Charging documents say Lyles told police she left her apartment for approximately 20 to 30 minutes the night before her son died, but believed that her boyfriend must have hurt Xavier while she was gone.

Christopher Fields, 33, was arrested in connection with the 2013 shooting death of Devar Battle, but he was held on a lesser weapons charge, not murder.

A judge found probable cause Thursday in the case against Tyrone Height and James Young for the shooting death of Willard Carlos Shelton. MPD Detective Paris White testified that Young told police he was “going through hard times and needed money,” so he and three other individuals planned to rob Shelton by luring him with fake drugs.

Brandon Miller was sentenced to 7 years in prison for the shooting death of Jamal Coates. As a cooperating witness, Miller testified at the trial of his former co-defendants that he drove three of them to the area of a funeral on U Street Northwest, where two men shot Coates.

The trial of Demonta Chappell was delayed Monday after his defense team failed to submit their DNA evidence before the start of trial. His trial for the death of 26-year-old Stevann Moorer is now expected to begin Monday.

MPD announced Saturday that police arrested 23-year-old Lennard Sweeney on suspicions of first-degree felony murder while armed in connection with the stabbing death of Edward Eugene Hall Jr.

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