Detective: Tracy Womack Was Stabbed Over 40 Times

A judge found probable cause in the case against Mark Kenyatta Bowser Jr. for the murder of Tracy Womack Tuesday, a ruling that prompted audible affirmation from Womack’s friends and family.

Police discovered 39-year-old Womack unconscious on the bedroom floor at her home in the 4600 block of Benning Road Southeast.

How many times was the victim stabbed?” Assistant U.S. Attorney Michelle Bradford asked Detective Marvin Washington in court Tuesday.

Over 40 times,” Washington answered. Gasps could be heard from friends and family in the courtroom, many of whom burst into tears.

Prosecutors said Womack was found covered in blood with her pants pulled down.

I’m going to hold the defendant, because not just that this is second-degree murder,” Judge John Ramsey Johnson told the court, “but the vicious way it was committed with 40 stab wounds to Ms. Womack.”

Defense attorney Gabriel Diaz argued that the government failed to find a motive that would lead Bowser to kill Womack.

It’s true that we don’t know a motive,” Johnson replied, “but in the court’s mind that makes him more dangerous.”

According to Washington, the detective, a witness inside Womack’s apartment recognized Bowser, who came in through the unlocked front door.

Bowser made a sexual advance toward that witness, Washington said, and tried to “grab” her before entering Womack’s bedroom.

The witness recognized the suspect as “Piggy,” according to court documents. She told police she had smoked PCP with him occasionally over the last year.

Diaz, the defense attorney argued that the witness’s statement was not reliable, referencing her statement to police where she admitted to smoking PCP earlier that day.

All that the government has provided is one ID from one witness who was on PCP and potentially drunk at the time of the incident,” Diaz said. “The ID was made under the most subjective circumstances that probably exist in our justice system.”

A status hearing was set for Nov. 18 at 9:30 a.m.

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