Comment of the Day: “This world we all live in”

Reader Jazzy left this comment after Ronnie Scharrod Edon died in a shooting early Tuesday morning:

This world we all live in . Smh … i remember when it was an accomplishment to see 21(which is still sad). Now its a gold to see 18. Our kids have to wake up and stop this. We are losing our youth. This poor young man has lost his life which he just started to live. And for what. If you want to fight or kill why not fight for your country make a mark on history instead of making a mess.

Edon was 19.

Comment of the Day: “You do not have to kill someone to rob them.”

This Comment of the Day comes from Doris, a family member who writes about Edward Eugene Hall Jr. and the cost of murder on the community.

How do we watch someone running for their life, getting beat up, kicked, and brutally stabbed and killed, and not be angry. What makes since in America. Our young black men are killing each other at an alarming rate with shooting and stabbings? How many more of our beautiful children have to die through these senseless murders before we stop the wickedness. You do not have to kill someone to rob them. Turn yourself in and repent. Ed Hall, Jr. aka Chuck ‘s blood is on your hAND—no PEACE! TURN YOURSELVES IN. we fight about Tavon Martin—why do we kill one another as blacks, why do we hate one another? Chuck’s life was just as precious as anyone else’s life. LET’S STOP THE MADNESS AND SHOW MORE LOVE AND RESPECT FOR ONE ANOTHERTO MUCH HATRED, PAIN, AND HURT FOR ALL OF THE FAMILIES WHO LOVE ONES SHOW UP IN THESE WEBSITES. PLEASE HEAR ME AND UNDERSTAND THAT WE HAVE TO BE THE CHANGE WE ARE LOOKING FOR IN THIS WORLD SO OUR LIVING WILL NOT BE IN VAIN. what are we teaching our young children. VIOLENCE BEGATS VIOLENCE. PLEASE STOP AND THINK, BEFORE SOMEONE KILLS AGAIN…..PRAYING FOR ALL FAMILIES IMPACTED….LET’S SHOW MORE LOVE PEOPLE AND MORE RESPECT. OUR SON, NEPHEW, FRIEND, IS GONE, MAYBE WE CAN REACH OUT AND SAVE SOMEONE ELSE’S LIFE. THINK, THINK, THINK….IT IS NOT OKAY TO KILL OFF OUR YOUNG BLACK MEN AND WOMEN, AND PEOPLE PERIOD REGARDLESS OF COLOR-GENOCIDE OUR RACE. WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP. TURN YOURSELF IN BECAUSE GOD SEES YOU AND KNOWS WHERE YOU ARE AND WHO YOU ARE….NEVER FORGET THAT!!!!!

Comment of the Day: “No olu wasnt perfect but he was someone to look up too”

This Comment of the Day comes from cherise, who wrote about Akinwole Olu Williams, who died after being shot on his way home from a job fair on March 14, 2013.

He’s my cousin and im beyond disappointed this is not fair. No olu wasnt perfect but he was someone to look up too. Him being taken away from us like that was crazy it hurts to know that these little boy will one day walk the streets again. God dont like ugly and i hope they was taught that. I have 2 boys myself and i dont want the street life for them. Rip cousin never forgotten love u…….

Comment of the Day: “I was one of the one’s who called 911”

This Comment of the Day comes from Brickcity all day, who writes about the shooting death of DaShawn Hammonds.

I was one of the one’s who called 911,for help.@ First we heard a low muffled sound & it didn’t sound like no firework’s to me.We heard bang,bang,bang & bang.We looked out front & all was cleared.We ran to the back & there was DaShawn Hammonds,laying on his side with shots to the head.We called 911,for help.DaShawn was trying to pull himself up.Read more

Comment of the Day: “This hurts my heart so bad.”

This Comment of the Day comes from Tina, who wrote about DaShawn Hammonds, who died after being shot in an alley on the 1200 block of Simms Place in Northeast D.C. on July 6.

This hurts my heart so bad. I grew up with Dashawn. I remember when I went to college and would talk to my sister and DaShawn would say you sound so educated. I miss your smile and you were a good father , son, lover, friend to all who knew him. It hurts because I haven’t seen you in years . R.I.P. Dashawn I promise I will watch over sis and nephew.

Comment of the Day: “There were a lot of people in Leon’s corner”

This Comment of the Day comes from NW Neighbor who writes about Leon Young.

Last night there was a vigil for Leon on Jefferson Street NW. Very sad situation. Leon had a very tough life losing his mother to drugs and recently grandmother within the last year. His grandmother was very active in his life and was a staple. But Leon made some very tough choices later on in life and I am saddened to hear of this final outcome. There were a lot of people in Leon’s corner, but eventually we have to try our best to rise above our pain. I hope any young men or women reading this will decide today to make a different choice for their life. May the family be healed in time.

Comment of the Day: “Bullets have no respect of person.”

This comment of the day comes from ConcernedCitizen who wrote about Ronnell Daniels, who was found shot multiple times in the unit block of 55th Street Southeast last Monday.

This is really shocking. When he came out, we encouraged him to stay off the streets. Daniels was a laid back kind of guy. I thought he would fall under the radars @40yrs of age, there isn’t anything on the streets at 11:15pm but trouble. I pray someone sees this and makes a different choice. STAY OFF THE STREETS, bullets have no respect of person.

Comment of the Day: “My brother had a drug problem. He is not a murder.”

This comment of the day comes from O’s Lil Sis who wrote about Ercell Overton, after he was sentenced to 28 years in prison. She writes:

My brother had a drug problem. He is not a murder. Before he started smoking PCP he was a very loving and caring person. He had a lot of mental issuses and doctors failed him and in the process of him trying to medicate his self he started smoking pcp. And it slowly changed him. What my brother did was wrong because a life was lost. But people make mistakes. My brother regrets what he did and he will carry his actions for the rest of his life. But walk a mile in a person shoes before you judge.

Comment of the Day: “I am going to miss my brother I love you”

This Comment of the Day comes from Brittany, who wrote in about Andre Joyner. He writes:

I am going to miss my brother I love you fat fool #FatDre

Comment of the Day: “This has been preached for decades though. When will the cycle end?”

This Comment of the Day comes from Steve, who wrote in about Curtis Mozie and the toll of violence on mental health. He writes:

I have been following C-Webb’s work for a few years now, and commend him, the heartbreak is more than I can endure. I myself can count over seventy people that I considered friends and family who died right here in DC due to violence. The tit-for-tat retaliatory cycle and just the general disregard for human life has to stop. This has been preached for decades though. When will the cycle end? Fathers need to raise their sons, but what happens when all dad knows is the gun? I like most have more questions than answers. What can we do as a community to turn this around?