Jury Deliberations Begin in Murder Trial Against Johnnie Sweet

By the prosecutor’s estimation, the death of 18-year-old Latisha Frazier is not a “who done it.” “By the defendant’s own words, he is guilty, guilty, guilty,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Melinda Williams said in closing arguments Monday. That defendant, Johnnie Sweet, is accused of taking part in a brutal “peer pressure” fueled beating. A beating in … Read more →

Judge Denies Gaither’s Motion to Withdraw Guilty Plea in Death of Latisha Frazier

Brian Arcenio Gaither’s attempt to withdraw his plea of “guilty” in connection with the murder of 18-year-old Latisha Frazier was denied Friday by Judge William Jackson, who said the court believed that Gaither, 25, was adequately represented when he made the plea. Gaither was one of six young people suspected in the August 2010 beating … Read more →

Brian Gaither Testifies on Guilty Plea Withdrawal

Brian Gaither, a suspect in the August 2010 murder of 18-year-old Latisha Frazier who admitted in court to disposing of her body in a plastic bin and placing it in a dumpster, took the stand today to explain why he wants to withdraw his guilty plea. “I didn’t know how serious this plea really was,” … Read more →

Brian Gaither Seeks to Withdraw Guilty Plea in Death of Latisha Frazier

One of the suspects accused in the brutal murder of teen Latisha Frazier is seeking withdraw his guilty plea, saying that he was confused when he agreed to it and did not realize that the plea would not significantly lessen his potential sentence. An attorney for Brian Gaither filed the motion Tuesday. Gaither entered the … Read more →

Brian Gaither Pleads Guilty in Death of Latisha Frazier

Brian Gaither pleaded guilty today to first-degree murder in the death of 18-year-old Latisha Frazier. Gaither’s trial began Monday; jury selection was due to begin next week. In May, Gaither rejected a plea offer that would have capped his sentence at 38 years. In entering the plea today he faces a maximum sentence of life … Read more →

Men Accused in Latisha Frazier Murder to be Tried Separately; Mental Exam Ordered for One of Them

Two men accused in the murder of Latisha Frazier will be tried separately, after Judge William Jackson agreed to sever their cases yesterday. Johnnie Sweets and Brian Gaither are charged with first-degree murder in connection with Frazier’s death. They are also charged with felony murder and “aggravating circumstances.” Those circumstances are that Frazier’s death was … Read more →

Brian Gaither, Johnnie Sweets Reject Plea Offer in Latisha Frazier Murder Case

Brian Gaither and Johnnie Sweets have rejected plea offers from the government that would cap their potential sentences at 38 years for the murder of 18-year-old Latisha Frazier. The two, now 24 and 18 years old respectively, are charged with first-degree murder in the case. If convicted, Judge William Jackson said, they could be sentenced … Read more →

Frazier Case Continued to May

The cases against Brian Gaither and Johnnie Sweets, man accused of murdering missing woman Latisha Frazier, have been continued. D.C. Superior Court Judge W. Jackson ordered the case against Brian Gaither continued until May 11. Gaither and Sweets are charged with second-degree murder in the August 2010 beating death of 18-year-old Latisha Frazier. Frazier’s mother … Read more →

Gaither, Sweet, Plead Innocent in Latisha Frazier Murder; Trial Set for Nov. 2012

Brian Gaither and Johnnie Sweet each pleaded innocent today to first degree and felony murder and kidnapping in the death of Latisha Frazier in Aug. 2010. If convicted, they face life sentences without the possibility of parole. Prosecutor Chris Kavanaugh said there are no plea discussions in the cases. Judge William Jackson set a trial … Read more →

Brian Gaither, Johnnie Sweet Indicted on First Degree Murder in Death of Latisha Frazier

Brian Gaither and Johnnie Sweet have been indicted on charges related to the death of 18-year-old Latisha Frazier, the US Attorney’s Office announced this afternoon. Gaither, 23, and Sweet, 18, are due in court tomorrow. The indictment charges each man with first degree felony murder, first degree premeditated murder, and “aggravating circumstances.” Those circumstances are … Read more →

Only Two Defendants Remain in Latisha Frazier Murder Case

Of the six people arrested on suspicion of killing D.C. teenager Latisha Frazier, the US Attorney’s Office has only two open cases against those suspects remaining. That news follows on the heels of a guilty plea made by one of those co-defendants Friday. In a three week period last winter, Brian Gaither, Johnnie Sweet, Aneka … Read more →

Guilty Plea to Second Degree Murder in Latisha Frazier Death

Nineteen-year-old Cinthya Proctor pleaded guilty this morning to participating in the killing of Latisha Frazier last August. According to the details of the plea agreement, Proctor could be sentenced to life in prison. Proctor is, at this time, the only defendant to plead guilty to the crime. Anneka Nelson, Johnnie Sweet, Brian Gaither and Laurence … Read more →

Grand Jury Could Take Full 9 Months to Indict Latisha Frazier Case

Signaling that the Grand Jury could take the full nine months allotted by law to indict the Latisha Frazier murder case, Judge William Jackson set the next hearing date for the case for Oct. 21. The date is one day before the nine-month deadline to indict the case against Brian Gaither, the first of six … Read more →

Judge won't compel search for Latisha Frazier's body

Judge William Jackson on Wednesday morning refused to compel authorities to search for the body of Latisha Frazier, a D.C. woman missing since August and believed have been killed and buried in a Virginia landfill.   Jackson said the possibility that defendant Brian Gaither was being untruthful in his statement that he placed Frazier’s body … Read more →

Judge to hear arguments on search for Latisha Frazier's body

Attorneys in the Latisha Frazier murder case will be in court tomorrow morning for a hearing on whether or not authorities are obligated to search for the missing teen’s body. Frazier is believed to have been killed in a beating in a Southeast D.C. apartment in August. She was 18 years old at the time. … Read more →

Government Opposes Motion to Recover Body of Latisha Frazier

The United States today formally opposed a defense attorney’s motion to compel D.C. authorities to search for the body of 18-year-old Latisha Frazier, believed to be buried in a Virginia landfill since her killing in August. In the government’s paperwork, Assistant U.S. Attorney Chris Kavanaugh wrote that such a search would cost a minimum of … Read more →

Police have the “duty and the burden” to find Latisha Frazier, says Attorney who wants Frazier's Body Recovered.

An attorney for one of the men accused in the murder of Latisha Frazier has asked the court to demand that police search for the missing woman’s body, saying that Brian Gaither can not have a fair trial without evidence that his “alleged actions contributed to Ms. Frazier’s death at all.” Eugene Ohm filed the … Read more →

Attorney Wants Search for Latisha Frazier's Body

An attorney for Brian Gaither, suspected of first-degree murder in the death of Latisha Frazier, is seeking to compel authorities to search for Frazier’s body, believed to be in a Richmond landfill. Eugene Ohm, representing Gaither at a felony status conference Friday morning, said physical evidence contained on Frazier’s remains could determine whether his client … Read more →

New Murder Charge in Latisha Frazier Case

Brian Gaither, who was arrested last month on suspicion of killing missing 18-year-old Latisha Frazier, will now answer to the charge of first-degree murder. Gaither was presented with a second-degree murder charge in the case on Jan. 24. Friday, at what was to be a preliminary hearing, the government withdrew that charge then presented him … Read more →

Suspects in brutal murder of Latisha Frazier waive right to preliminary hearing

Family and friends of Latisha Frazier filled a D.C. court room on Feb. 11, many wearing T-shirts with photos of the victim and her daughter. Although they were prepared for an emotional preliminary hearing for the five people charged with Frazier’s slaying, they were spared another long day in court and a rehashing of the … Read more →

Latisha Frazier

By all accounts so far, Latisha Frazier’s last hours were brutal. Accused of stealing from a neighborhood friend, the 18-year-old mother was beaten, stomped, bound, taped, gagged, prodded and choked. Her head was covered with a sheet. She was tossed into a closet. When she finally died, her body was moved from room to room … Read more →

Charging Documents in Cases against Anneka Nelson and Cinthya Proctor

Anneka Nelson and Cinthya Proctor were charged yesterday in the brutal beating death of missing D.C. woman Latisha Frazier. Charging documents in their cases follow the jump. Brian Gaither and Johnnie Sweet have also been charged in the case. Charging documents in Gaither’s case are here and in Sweet’s case here. A fifth defendant, Laurence … Read more →

Charging Documents Detail Death of Missing D.C. Woman Latisha Frazier

Three teens were charged today in the death of missing D.C. woman Latisha Frazier and ABC7 is reporting that another, and final, arrest was made in the case this afternoon. Johnnie Sweet, Anneka Nelson and Cinthya Proctor appeared in D.C. Superior Court this afternoon. A fourth defendant, Brian Gaither, was charged Jan. 24. The name … Read more →

Total of four arrests now in Latisha Frazier Homicide Case

As reported last night, Metro PD has arrested two more teens in the death of Latisha Frazier, bringing the total number of people arrested so far to four. The defendants in the case are: Anneka Nelson, 16, Cinthya Proctor, 18, Johnnie Sweet, 17, and Brian Gaither, 18. Sweet and Nelson are being charged as adults. … Read more →

Brian Gaither Charged in Death of Latisha Frazier

Government prosecutors charging a 23-year-old D.C. man with the murder of a missing woman said in court documents filed Monday that the man has confessed to the crime. The defendant, Brian Gaither, appeared in D.C. Superior Court Monday to be arraigned on a second-degree murder charge in the death of 18-year-old Latisha Frazier, who was … Read more →

Murder Charge in Case of Missing 18-year-old D.C. Woman

Metro Police today announced an arrest on murder charges in a missing persons case. Brian Gaither, 23 of Southeast D.C., is expected to be arraigned tomorrow on a second-degree murder charge in the death of 18-year-old Latisha Frazier, who was reported missing on Aug. 4, 2010. Her body has not been found. ABC7 reported Thursday … Read more →

Brian Arcenio Gaither

  • Arrested: Jan. 23, 2011
  • Age: 25
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Black

Pleaded guilty in the Aug. 2, 2010 death of Latisha Frazier.