James Robinson Indicted on Premeditated First-Degree Murder for Jason Alexander Shooting

James Cornelius Robinson pleaded innocent Wednesday to four criminal charges in connection with August 2013 shooting death of 30-year-old Jason Alexander Murphy. Robinson was arrested in December 2013 on suspicion of second-degree murder. A grand jury formally charged with premeditated first-degree murder while armed and three related weapons charges, according to the indictment. Prosecutors said … Read more →

Probable Cause Found in Case Against James Cornelius Robinson

Judge Jennifer Anderson found probable cause Friday in the case against James Cornelius Robinson, who is accused of fatally shooting 30-year-old Jason Alexander Murphy in August 2013. Murphy was found shot in the 1300 block of Savannah Street, Southeast early in the morning on August 31. Charging documents in the case say a witness told … Read more →

James Cornelius Robinson Arrested in Aug. Shooting Death of Jason Alexander Murphy

A 19-year-old Suitland, Maryland man was arrested early Saturday morning in connection with the August shooting death of Jason Alexander Murphy. The suspect, identified by police as James Cornelius Robinson is suspected of second-degree murder while armed. A press release from MPD is after the jump. December 14, 2013 Arrest Made in Homicide: Rear of … Read more →

James Cornelius Robinson

  • Arrested: Dec. 14, 2013
  • Age: 19
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Black

Acquitted in the Aug. 31, 2013, death of Jason Alexander Murphy.