Marlon Williams Receives 40 Year Sentence in Murder of Minn Soo Kang

Judge Russell Canan sentenced Marlon Williams to 40 years in prison Thursday in connection with the 2010 shooting death of 37-year-old Minn Soo Kang. “By all accounts an outstanding member of the community was killed over a car,” Canan said. “Mr. Williams you are responsible for that.” Williams maintains that he is innocent of the … Read more →

Marlon Williams Found Guilty in Murder of Min Soo Kang

Marlon Williams was found guilty Friday of first-degree felony murder while armed for the September 2010 shooting death of Min Soo Kang. Jurors in the case deliberated for approximately one day before delivering their verdict at around 1:15 p.m. Williams was also found guilty of related robbery and weapons charges. The trial was Williams’ second … Read more →

Williams to Witness: “Could you tell that I had murdered somebody?”

On the final day of Marlon Williams’ retrial on a charge that he shot and killed Min Soo Kang, a courthouse confidante took the stand to share with jurors what Williams said outside the courtroom during his first trial. “It’s time to put on my game face,” Williams allegedly told Alton Garbla as the two … Read more →

After Hung Jury, Retrial in Marlon Williams Murder Case Begins

During opening statements in the Marlon Williams murder trial Tuesday prosecutors said forensic evidence and witness testimony will prove Williams shot Min Soo Kang, stole his car, and then left him for dead on the side of the road. But Russell Hairston, Williams’ defense attorney, argued that the government “didn’t do their job,” and that … Read more →

Marlon Williams to Face New Trial in July

The government plans to retry Marlon Williams, Assistant U.S. Attorney Gary Wheeler said Thursday. Judge Russell Canan scheduled the trial for July 8. Williams appeared in court briefly Thursday morning, the day after a mistrial was declared in his trial on first-degree murder charges. Williams faced charges in connection with the 2010 shooting death of … Read more →

Jurors Deadlock in Murder Trial Against Marlon Williams

After two and a half days of deliberations, jurors in the murder trial against Marlon Williams told Judge Lynn Leibovitz that they had reached a deadlock. Sitting in for Judge Canan, Leibovitz declared a mistrial in the case at 3:45 p.m. Wednesday. It is the third D.C. homicide trial to result in a deadlock this … Read more →

Jury Begins Deliberations in Murder, Robbery Charges Against Marlon Williams

Jurors tasked with weighing the evidence of first-degree murder and robbery charges against Marlon Williams began deliberating Thursday afternoon after hearing closing arguments from prosecutors and Williams’ defense attorney. Williams is charged with the 2010 shooting death of Minn Soo Kang. Williams faces charges of first-degree murder while armed, possession of a firearm during a … Read more →

Without Eyewitnesses, Prosecutor Asks Jurors to Look at Ballistic, Fingerprint Evidence in Marlon Williams Trial

Telling jurors that there would be no eyewitnesses to this homicide, prosecutors opened the murder case against Marlon Williams Tuesday morning, asking jurors to instead listen for evidence about ballistics and fingerprints. Williams is accused of first-degree murder in the 2010 death of Minn Soo Kang. Kang was found fatally shot at 4:07 a.m. Sept. … Read more →

Antonio Valdez Vela

Antonio Valdez Vela, a 22-year-old man from Waldorf, Md., died August 30 after being shot. Vela was found suffering from gunshot wounds by Metro Police responding to a gunshots call at approximately 11:30 p.m. at in the 4400 block of F Street, D.C. Metro Police said. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital. On … Read more →

Arrest in Ashley McRae Homicide

Reader Kaai gave an excellent heads up this morning that an arrest has been made in the shooting death of 21-year-old Columbia Heights woman Ashley McRae. “Antonio Sams of Southeast has been arrested and charged with 2nd degree murder. God is Good. She was such a sweet girl. I hope he never sees sun light … Read more →

Marlon Williams

  • Arrested: Sept. 24, 2010
  • Age: 34
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Black

Convicted by jury in the Sept. 13, 2010 death of Min Soo Kang.