Prosecutor: “Evidence Contradicts ‘Accidental’ Shooting Claim”

A prosecutor argued Friday that Nilson Maldonado and his friends are working together to turn the fatal shooting of Anthony Sanchez into an accident, but the evidence, she said, shows otherwise. At a preliminary hearing Friday, Judge Russell F. Canan found probable cause in the case against Maldonado for the shooting death of Sanchez on … Read more →

Police Don’t Believe Anthony Sanchez Was Shot By Accident

The story Nilson Maldonado told police about how Anthony Sanchez died was that he’d found Sanchez outside Maldonado’s girlfriend’s apartment, crawling and convulsing on the ground, as if on drugs, and took him to Washington MedStar hospital. To friends, Maldonado said he shot Sanchez by accident, while they wrestled over a gun. Police believe, however, … Read more →

Nilson Maldonado Arrested in 2013 Death of Anthony Sanchez

Almost a year after the shooting death of Anthony Sanchez, police have arrested a 26-year-old Northwest D.C. man in connection with his death, MPD announced Monday. The man, identified as Nilson Maldonado, is suspected of second-degree murder. Police found 18-year-old Sanchez suffering from a gunshot wound at approximately 2:00 a.m. in the 2900 block of … Read more →

Nilson Maldonado

Pleaded guilty in the July 13, 2013, death of Anthony Sanchez.