Jury Begins Deliberations in Lucki Pannell Murder

Deangelo Williams “committed the same offense he was trying to revenge,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Kathryn Rakoczy said in closing arguments Monday. “He took someone’s best friend.” Prosecutors say Williams went to the neighborhood around Hobart Place on Feb. 19, 2011, looking for Terry Jimenez, who he blamed (according to prosecutors) for the 2007 shooting death … Read more →

Jimenez Recounts Fatal Shooting: “I tried to get Lucki over the rail”

Just before Lucki Pannell was shot, she was sitting on her front porch with her sister and two friends, Terry and BJ Jimenez. On Monday, Terry Jimenez took the stand to tell jurors what happened the night of Feb. 19, 2011, and how he recognized Deangelo Williams as the shooter. That night, sitting outside Pannell’s … Read more →

Trial Begins in June 2011 Caribbean Festival Shooting Death of Robert Foster Jr.

Prosecutors opened their case charging Deonte Bryant and Terrance Bush with the June 25, 2011 Caribbean Festival shooting death of 43-year-old Robert Foster Jr. Monday with eyewitness testimony from those near the festival when the deadly shots were fired. According to the government’s case, Bryant and Bush attended the festival armed with the intent to … Read more →

Terry Jimenez Pleads Guilty in Caribbean Festival Shooting

Terry Jimenez, one of three men accused of killing a bystander in a shootout at the 2011 Caribbean Festival, pleaded guilty Friday, a week before his trial was scheduled to begin. Prosecutors say Jimenez traded gunfire with rival gang members Deonte J. Bryant and Terrance Bush during the event. Jimenez and two others were wounded … Read more →

Defendants in Caribbean Festival Shooting Plead Innocent to all Charges

Three men, Terry Jimenez, Deonte Bryant, and Terrance Bush, pled not guilty Friday morning to charges stemming from a June shooting that killed Robert Foster Jr. The three are facing charges of first-degree murder, assault with intent to kill, and aggravated assault. They are also charged with various weapons charges related to possessing, carrying, and … Read more →

24-Count Murder Indictment in Caribbean Festival Shooting

A Grand Jury yesterday returned a 24-count indictment against Terry Jimenez, Deonte Bryant, and Terrance Bush, including charges of first-degree murder, assault with intent to kill, and aggravated assault. Jimenez, Bryant, and Bush are expected to be arraigned on the charges Friday morning, a spokesman for the US Attorney’s Office said. Prosecutors believe that Bryant … Read more →

Terry Jimenez Held in Caribbean Festival Shooting

It was six weeks ago that Terry Jimenez first appeared in front of Judge William Jackson for a preliminary hearing in the second-degree murder case that accuses him of killing a man in armed urban warfare. On Friday that hearing was completed, and Jimenez was ordered held. Relying on video evidence presented on July 29, … Read more →

Terry Jimenez Losses PDS Representation; Prelims for all 3 Defendants Likely Late Next Week

Judge William Jackson today prohibited D.C.’s public defender service from representing Terry Jimenez, one of three men accused in the shooting death of Robert Foster Jr. following the Caribbean Festival in Northwest D.C. last month. PDS has represented one of Jimenez’ codefendants in the case, a rival gang member, for about five years and Jackson … Read more →

Terrance Bush Held in Robert Foster Jr. Homicide

A third suspect in a deadly shooting following DC’s Caribbean Festival was presented yesterday with a charge of second degree murder and ordered held pending a preliminary hearing. Terrance Bush appeared in courtroom c-10 represented by attorney Jeffrey Lewis. On Bush’s behalf, Lewis submitted to the government’s evidence for substantial probability that Bush was involved … Read more →

MPD Makes Third Arrest in Caribbean Festival Murder of Robert Foster Jr.

A third person has been arrested in connection with the shooting death of Robert Foster following Northwest D.C.’s Caribbean Festival late last month. MPD announced this evening that 19 year-old Terrance Marquis Bush of Northeast D.C. is suspected of taking part in the deadly shooting and has been arrested on a charge of second degree … Read more →

From Oklahoma to D.C. Jail

This past October, Deonte Bryant was enrolled at Langston University in Oklahoma. A five hundred dollar scholarship from Ward 1 Councilman Jim Graham was helping pay his way and DYRS specialist Fred Rogers thought Bryant had a “real opportunity to change his life.” Today Bryant sits in D.C. Jail. In an email to Homicide Watch … Read more →

Judge holds Deonte Bryant, finding urban warfare not self defense.

On June 25, Deonte Bryant and Terry Jimenez stood on opposite sides of a fight, each a member of an opposing gang. Facing off, as prosecutors tell it, the two exchanged gunfire. Jimenez was wounded. Bryant ran, the clip from his semi-automatic pistol falling to the ground as he made his escape. Today the two … Read more →

Deonte J. Bryant Arrested in Robert Foster Jr.'s Shooting Death

A second man has been arrested on suspcion of killing Robert Foster Jr. following DC’s Caribbean Festival Parade late last month. Twenty-year-old Deonte J. Bryant is suspected of second degree murder in the case, MPD said late Tuesday night. Nineteen-year-old Terry Jimenez was arrested and presented with a second-degree murder charge in connection with the … Read more →

Comment of the Day

This comment of the day comes from “Hurt and Confused,” who wrote in about Terry Jimenez’ arrest following the Caribbean Festival fatal shoot-out and his connection to Lucki Pannell’s murder case. There is much more to this story than the police are saying and I hope it’s for someone’s safety. I always said it was … Read more →

Caribbean Festival Shooting Links Roundup

A roundup of coverage of the fatal shooting following the Caribbean Festival in DC Saturday, including interviews with Robert Foster Jr’s family and more about suspect Terry Jimenez. Man Accused in Shooting Only Returned to D.C. Last Week DCist One week. That’s how long it took Terry Allen Jimenez, arrested and charged with second-degree murder … Read more →

Terry Jimenez Arrested in Connection with Robert Foster Homicide

UPDATE: Prosecutors expect Jimenez to be presented with the charge sometime after 3 p.m. today. MPD says they have arrested Terry Jimenez, a 19-year-old man injured in a shooting near DC’s Caribean Festival Saturday, on suspicion of murder, NBC Washington reports. Jimenez was identified by Councilman Jim Graham as the intended target of Saturday’s shooting … Read more →

18-year-old DC Man was Intended Target in Caribbean Festival Shooting and Lucki Pannell Shooting

When Columbia Heights teen Lucki Pannell was killed while “chillin” on her front porch in February, Terry Jimenez was there. This weekend, when Robert Foster was killed near the Caribbean Festival parade route, Terry Jimenez was there. DC Councilman Jim Graham says Jimenez, a 19-year-old Northwest DC man and a known gang member, was the … Read more →

Terry Jimenez

  • Arrested: June 27, 2011
  • Age: 32
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Black

Pleaded guilty in the June 25, 2011, death of Robert Foster Jr.