Carlton Maurice Johnson | Homicide Watch DC news about Carlton Maurice Johnsonen-usFri, 07 Nov 2014 10:31:46 -0500Carlton Maurice Johnson Indicted in the Murders of Anthony Chase and Eric Leeper<p><a href="">Carlton Maurice Johnson</a>, 22, pleaded innocent Friday to two counts of first-degree murder while armed, along with assault with intent to kill and three gun related charges in the July 2013 double homicide of <a href="">Anthony Chase</a> and <a href="">Eric Leeper</a>. </p> <p>On July 17, 2013, police <a href="">found</a> Chase, Leeper and an unidentified person with multiple gunshot wounds in the 300 block of Ridge Road Southeast. Charging documents say Chase, 19, was pronounced dead at the scene. Leeper and a surviving victim were taken to a nearby hospital. Leeper, 27, died the next day on July 18, 2013.<br /> <span id="more-25775"></span></p> <p>A witness told police that it saw a man it knew as "Woo" and another individual exit a gold car. It watched as both men concealed their hair and heads with clothing moments before shooting Chase and Leeper, according to court documents. The witness later identified Johnson as "Woo" in a photo array provided by police. </p> <p>According to the witness, after Chase and Leeper were shot, Johnson approached Leeper and shot him again before both men fled the scene, court documents say. </p> <p>Johnson is scheduled for a status hearing on Feb. 20, 2015 at 9:30 a.m. before Judge Jennifer Anderson.</p> <p><em>A copy of the indictment is below:</em></p> <script src=''></script> <script> DV.load('', { width: 500, height: 600, sidebar: false, text: true, pdf: true, container: '#DV-viewer-1354439-carlton-johnson-indictment' }); </script> <p><em>Additional reporting by Amelia Rufer.</em></p> Imari WilliamsFri, 07 Nov 2014 10:31:46 -0500 ChaseEric LeeperCarlton Maurice JohnsonProbable Cause Found Against Carlton Johnson in Connection with Two Shooting Deaths<p>Judge Jennifer Anderson ruled Tuesday that there was probable cause to hold <a href="">Carlton Maurice Johnson</a> without bond in connection with the shooting deaths of <a href="">Anthony Chase</a> and <a href="">Eric Leeper</a>.</p> <p>Chase and Leeper were <a href="">found by police with multiple gunshot wounds</a> shortly before midnight on July 17, 2013. Nearly nine months later, Johnson <a href="">was arrested</a> on suspicion of two counts of first-degree murder while armed.</p> <p>Defense attorney Brandi Harden argued that Johnson should be released because charging documents rely on one witness who identified Johnson. In addition, Johnson has no history of fleeing prosecution, she said.</p> <p>“This was a very violent offense and was premeditated,” Judge Anderson responded, “I believe he would present a significant danger to the community.”<br /> <span id="more-22590"></span></p> <p>MPD detective Dwayne Partman testified Tuesday that a witness in the case saw a gold car, possibly a BMW, speed past them on Ridge Road Southeast, run a stop sign on the day of the murders. Moments later, the witness saw the gold car parked on the 3900 block of C Street Southeast. </p> <p>That witness recognized one of two men who exited the car as “Woo,” and watched as both men covered their hair and heads with clothing, according to Partman. Charging documents say that the witness later identified a photo of Johnson as "Woo".</p> <p>Johnson and the other man then crossed a grassy area into the 300 block of Ridge Road Southeast, where they began shooting at Chase, Leeper, and a third person, the witness told police, according to Partman.</p> <p>The witness told police that after Chase and Leeper were shot, Johnson approached Leeper and shot him again before both men fled the scene, according to Partman.</p> <p>Two MPD officers in an unmarked police car heard gunshots but thought they were fireworks and left the area, Partman said. The two officers returned when they responded to the dispatch call, according to Partman, and saw one man shooting. </p> <p>Charging documents say that two police officers identified the shooter as a man wearing a black tank top and blue jean shorts shooting in the 300 block of Ridge Road Southeast.</p> <p>A status hearing is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. on July 29.</p> Dana JenningsTue, 29 Apr 2014 16:50:25 -0400 ChaseEric LeeperCarlton Maurice JohnsonCarlton Maurice Johnson Arrested in 2013 Double Homicide<p>Almost a year after the shooting deaths <a href="">Anthony Chase</a>, 19, and <a href="">Eric Leeper</a>, 27, a 22-year-old Northeast D.C. man has been arrested in connection with their deaths.</p> <p>The man, identified by police as <a href="">Carlton Maurice Johnson</a>, is suspected of two counts of first-degree murder while armed. He was ordered held by Judge Dianne Brenneman until a preliminary hearing scheduled for April 28 before Judge Jennifer Anderson.<br /> <span id="more-22316"></span><br /> Chase and Leeper were <a href="">found shot on Ridge Road Southeast</a> around 11:30 p.m. on July 17, 2013. Chase died on the scene and Leeper later died at the hospital. Police say a third shooting victim is expected to recover from his injuries.</p> <p>Charging documents were not immediately available in the case due to the Emancipation Day holiday.</p> <p>A press release from MPD is after the jump.</p> <p><em>Arrest documents have been added to this post after the release.</em></p> <blockquote><p><strong>Arrest Made in Double Homicide: 300 Block of Ridge Road, SE</strong></p> <p>(Washington, DC)-Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Branch have announced that an arrest has been made in the double homicide which occurred in 300 block of block of Ridge Road, Southeast.</p> <p>On Wednesday, July 17, 2013 at approximately 11:39 pm, police officers assigned to the Sixth District Patrol Support Team were in the 300 block of Ridge Road, Southeast when they heard several gunshots. The police officers consequently located three adult male shooting victims. The first shooting victim was located in the 100 block of Ridge Road, Southeast, suffering multiple gunshot wounds. DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services personnel responded and did not find any signs consistent with life. The decedent remained on the scene and was transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for the District of Columbia, pending an autopsy.</p> <p>The decedent is identified as 19-year-old Anthony Chase of Southeast, Washington, DC.</p> <p>Additionally, two other shooting victims were located, suffering from gunshot wounds. Personnel from DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services transported both shooting victims to a local hospital where they were admitted. The second shooting victim was admitted with life-threatening injuries and later succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead. The decedent’s remains were transported to the Maryland State Medical Examiner’s Office, Baltimore, Maryland, pending an autopsy.</p> <p>The decedent is identified as 27-year-old Eric Leeper of Southeast, Washington, DC.</p> <p>The third shooting victim, an adult male was admitted in stable condition and is expected to recover from his injuries.</p> <p>On Tuesday, April 15, 2014, 22-year-old Carlton Maurice Johnson of Northeast, Washington, DC was arrested by members of the Homicide Branch pursuant to a DC Superior Court arrest warrant. Carlton Maurice Johnson was charged with two counts of First Degree Murder while Armed in connection to the deaths of Anthony Chase and Eric Leeper.</p></blockquote> <p><script src="//"></script><br /> <script> DV.load("//", { width: 450, height: 600, sidebar: false, container: "#DV-viewer-1135230-johnson-carlton-maurice-arrest-documents" }); </script></p> <noscript> <a href="">Johnson, Carlton Maurice arrest documents (PDF)</a><br /> <br /> <a href="">Johnson, Carlton Maurice arrest documents (Text)</a><br /> </noscript> Megan ArellanoWed, 16 Apr 2014 21:23:09 -0400 ChaseEric LeeperCarlton Maurice Johnson