For “Depraved Heart” Killing of Daughter, Rodney McIntyre Sentenced to 40 Years

Disgusting. Cruel. Heinous. Heartless. Horrible. Unspeakable. Atrocious. Indescribable. The product of a depraved heart.” Judge Lynn Leibovitz spared few words today when describing Rodney McIntyre’s sexual assault on and murder of his teenage daughter, Ebony Franklin, in Columbia Heights last November. “It is hard to put into words Mr. McIntyre’s degree of culpability,” she said, … Read more →

Comment of the Day

Lovegirl wrote today about the “guilty” plea from Ebony Franklin’s father, Rodney McIntyre. She wrote: Finally I can rest. RIP EB. I know you are watching over me and Ryn. Read more →

Rodney McIntyre Pleads Guilty in Daughter Ebony Franklin’s Death

Rodney McIntyre pleaded guilty today to premeditated first-degree murder while armed in the death of his 17-year-old daughter, Ebony Franklin. McIntyre appeared in front of Judge Lynn Leibovitz to make his plea today. Prosecutors have agreed to seek a term of 37 to 40 years for the 45-year-old defendant. Franklin was found in a Columbia … Read more →

Prelim in Ebony Franklin Murder Case Postponed to End of Month

A preliminary hearing in the Ebony Franklin murder case has been postponed to the end of the month, according to court records checked Wednesday evening. Rodney McIntyre was due in Judge Lynn Leibovitz’ courtroom Thursday. He is suspected if killing his daughter, Ebony Franklin, in November 2010. The preliminary hearing has been rescheduled to July … Read more →

In Charging Documents, a Timeline of Ebony Franklin's Death

Prosecutors today presented their case against Rodney McIntyre—accused of killing his daughter, Ebony Franklin, last November—in the following timeline: On Friday, November 26, 2010, the decedent, Ebony Franklin, age 16, was to meet her father, Mr. Mc Intyre, in the Columbia Heights area of the District of Columbia to pick up her Christmas gifts, and … Read more →

Rodney McIntyre Held Without Bond in Ebony Franklin Homicide

Rodney McIntyre was held without bond for first-degree murder in connection with the stabbing death of his teenage daughter, Ebony Franklin. Emotions ran high in today’s arraignment as the prosecution laid out details of the girl’s death and argued that there was probable cause to detain McIntyre until a preliminary hearing, set for July 7. … Read more →

Drug, Burglary, Violence Convictions in McIntyre's Record

Rodney McIntyre, accused of killing his teenage daughter, Ebony Franklin, in November, has an extensive prior record and spent time in and out of prison from the early ‘90s through the mid-naughts, according to court documents. His arrest record dates back to 1983 and includes convictions in a string of misdemeanors and felonies including attempted … Read more →

When Words Matter

Rape. Incest. Sex. Yesterday MPD Police Chief Cathy Lanier said there was evidence that Rodney McIntyre had had a “sexual relationship” with his 17-year-old daughter, Ebony Franklin. That didn’t sit right with Carol, who commented on a report saying, “Someone really needs to press lanier about calling incest, rape, and murder a “sexual relationship”. It … Read more →

Ebony Franklin Murder Arrest Link Roundup

When Ebony Franklin’s body was found in a Columbia Heights trash can just after Thanksgiving weekend, the horror of the crime that killed her and tragedy of her loss were deeply felt through the neighborhood. “Still no word on Ebony Franklin’s killer,” Mariah Costello shared on Facebook just days after Franklin was found. “I still … Read more →

First Degree Murder Charge for Father of Ebony Franklin

MPD’s press release on Ebony Franklin’s homicide states that her father, 45-year-old Rodney James McIntyre of Southeast DC, was arrested just after 5 p.m. tonight on suspicion of first-degree murder in the case. McIntyre is expected in court Monday to be presented with the charge. Read MPD’s press release after the jump. May 21, 2011 … Read more →

Ebony Franklin’s Father Arrested, Suspected in Girl’s Death

Rodney McIntyre, the father of Ebony Franklin, has been arrested in connection with the 17-year-old’s death. Franklin’s body was found in a Columbia Heights dumpster in November. In March, McIntyre accused police of harassing him. Police called him a person of interest in the case. “The way my baby was found in the trash, it’s … Read more →

Rodney McIntyre

  • Arrested: May 21, 2011
  • Age: 46
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Black

Pleaded guilty in the Nov. 29, 2010, death of Ebony Danielle Franklin.