Conflicting Reports on Bryant Street NE

Crime mapping site EveryBlock is reporting a homicide that occurred on Dec. 8 in the 1800 block of Bryant St. NE. According to the site, a person was killed by blunt force trauma at some point on Dec. 8.

Metro Police Spokeswoman Officer Tisha Gant said Metro has no report of a homicide at that location and suggested that Homicide Watch contact EveryBlock regarding their data. We’ve done that and are waiting to hear back from them.

A listing of all reported crimes in the District is available for download here (zip). That spreadsheet shows no record of a homicide on the 1800 block of Bryant St. NE at any point this year.

There were two other deaths reported on Dec. 8: Tawanna Barnes-Copeland and Scott Staten.

Question to readers: Do you use EveryBlock? Do you trust their data? Have you ever found inconsistencies with what you know to have happened (or not happened)?

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