Charges Delayed in Shooting Death of Keith Banks

A D.C. Superior Court Judge on Tuesday gave government prosecutors 24 hours to make their case against 39-year-old Reginald Vance, who was due to be arraigned today in the shooting death of Keith Banks on Nov. 12 in Northeast D.C.

Despite the delay, key details of the government’s case were revealed in the lawyers’ discussion of evidence, including the government’s theory that Banks was killed over a dispute about a drug debt and that Vance and another suspect “acted in concert,” driving to pick up Banks, driving him to the 1100 block of Galloway Street NE, and killing him.

According to evidence presented by the government, on the night of the shooting Vance drove Banks and an unidentified suspect in his tan Chevy Tahoe. At some point that night, Banks was ordered out of the car, chased, and shot by the unidentified suspect.

The arraignment judge declined to arraign Vance on first degree murder charges based on that particular evidence, asking the government to return tomorrow (Wednesday) with information that links Vance to the drug dispute or planning of the murder.

Vance’s attorney said Tuesday that Vance and Banks had a close relationship and, at the time of the shooting, had plans to go on vacation together.

Vance’s attorney said there was no evidence that “Mr. Vance would have any motive or desire that this person be killed.”

The government prosecutor agreed to be back in courtroom 201 Wednesday at 1 p.m. to continue the arraignment.

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