WTOP: The failure of crime control

Part two of WTOP’s four part series: Tragedy in Trinidad is online now; the first part debuted yesterday.

Here’s an excerpt; read the whole report on WTOP.com.

MPD operated the police checkpoints near the 1400 block of Montello Avenue on 11 occasions between June 7 and June 12, allowing 903 vehicles to pass through and turning away 48. One arrest was made for a DUI-related offense.

Officers manning the checkpoints barred anyone without a “legitimate” reason from driving into the zone. Valid reasons for allowing entry included that drivers lived in the area, were making a delivery or were going to church.

Roughly a month later, Alonzo Robinson’s lifeless body lay at Children’s National Medical Center in Northwest. His mother, Marcella, wept in her bed at The George Washington University Hospital.

At least five other people had been shot during the early morning hours of July 19 in the Trinidad area. One man reportedly had been stabbed in the neck.

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