Keith Littlepage Arrested in Stabbing Death of Selina Knight

Keith Littlepage, a 49-year-old Northeast D.C. man, is expected to be presented with a first degree murder charge this afternoon in the stabbing death of Selina Knight last Friday.

According to charging documents, Knight was found bloody and lifeless on a loveseat in a Southeast D.C. apartment. Friends had tried to contact Knight several times on March 4, but were not able to reach her. Just before midnight that day they went to her apartment to check on her and found her dead.

Officers found profane graffiti alleging that Knight had “given” Littlepage HIV/AIDS written on walls throughout the apartment.

Littlepage, court documents allege, had been involved in a romantic relationship with Knight, but that the two had broken up.

Littlepage is expected in courtroom 201 sometime after 1 p.m. today for presentment of charges.

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