Cases Against Kwan Kearney Likely to Remain Seperate

Two open murder cases against Kwan Kearney will likely be indicted separately, despite overlapping evidence in the cases, a government prosecutor told Judge Thomas Motley Friday morning.

Kearney, along with codefendant Larnell Allen, is suspected in the killing of Joseph Alonzo Sharps Jr on November 8, 2010. He is also suspected in the killing of Jamal Wilson less than a week after Sharps’ death. His codefendant in that case is Jeremy Risper.

All three men appeared before the court at the same time Friday.

Motley acknowledged that Kearney’s presence interlocks the cases and that a recovered gun believed to be used in both cases could yield DNA evidence pertinent to both cases.

But Motley said other than these details there does not appear to be a connection between the cases.

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