Graffiti on Walls at Homicide Scene was Defendant’s “Signature,” Judge Says

Keith Littlepage-El, a 49-year-old D.C. resident accused of killing his girlfriend last month, was ordered held in the case today by Superior Court Judge Heidi Pasichow, who detained Littlepage upon the ruling that there is “substantial probability” that he committed the crime.

Littlepage has been detained since March 10 in the case. Investigators believe he killed Selina Knight on March 4, after allegedly twice burglarizing her southeast D.C. apartment and threatening her on multiple occasions.

According to charging documents, Knight was found bloody and lifeless on a loveseat in her apartment. Friends had tried to contact Knight several times on March 4, but were not able to reach her. Just before midnight that day they went to her apartment to check on her and found her dead.

Officers found derogatory graffiti written on walls throughout the apartment.

“Bitch you gave me HIV,” was among the statements made by the graffiti, officers said.

At a preliminary hearing Friday, Pasichow said that graffiti, which echoed statements witnesses had overheard Littlepage make to Knight, was compelling enough to find substantial probability for a first-degree murder while armed charge in the case.

It was a signature and it was his. He had the motive, he had the opportunity, and he had the rage,” she said.

Littlepage is next due in court July 6 for a felony status conference.

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