James Speaks held in death of Shonell “Chris” Corriea

James Speaks appeared in court late this afternoon on suspicion of second-degree murder while armed in the shooting death of Shonell “Chris” Corriea on April 6.

Speaks was presented with the charge and a preliminary hearing was set for Friday April 22.

Shackled and wearing a white jumpsuit, Speaks hung his head through the brief proceedings Wednesday. His court-appointed attorney, Rene Raymond, argued that the case against Speaks, which relies on one witness, was weak and undeveloped.

“Curiously, if what happened is what’s represented in the affidavit, it doesn’t make sense to be charged as murder two,” she said. “It would be charged as murder one.”

Judge Karen Howze, however, based on the affidavit and Speak’s criminal record (he was found guilty of reckless driving, evading law enforcement and destruction of property in 2007 and possession of cocaine in 2009), found “substantial probability” in the case and set the date for a preliminary hearing.

A copy of the affidavit was not available this afternoon. We’ll post it when we get it.

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