Charging Documents in Shooting Death of Shonell “Chris” Corriea

Last Wednesday night, Shonell “Chris” Correia was sitting on the couch in his living room talking with his mother and checking the caller ID numbers on the house phone. Twenty minutes later he was dead.

According to details in the criminal complaint against James Speaks, accused of second-degree murder in Correia’s death, after checking the caller ID the night of April 6, Corriea,

walked into the kitchen and told his mother that he was going to take the trash out. [He] left the kitchen door open and went out into the backyard. After a few minutes [his] mother heard two gunshots. [Corriea] was found in the backyard unconscious suffering from gunshot wounds.

Speaks was identified by the sole witness to the homicide as the shooter. The witness told police that Corriea and a man known as “Rico” were having a verbal argument when Speaks pulled out a silver or gray handgun and shot Corriea, the witness said.

Speaks, 22, is employed, makes $600 a month and is the father of two children, according to paperwork determining his eligibility for public defender services.

Charging documents are after the jump.

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