No Indictment Yet in Vanessa McGee Case

Assistant U.S. Attorney Charles Cobb said Wednesday that the government is making progress in a case against Ronald Pickett, a Southeast D.C. man accused of killing his fiance, Vanessa McGee in their home in March. Cobb said he had recently received the autopsy report and pictures of the crime scene.

Prosecutors have until early December to get an indictment in the case from the Grand Jury.

Pickett earlier told police that he accidentally shot McGee after an argument. As he was packing his belongings to spend the night elsewhere, he picked up the gun and accidentally discharged it, striking McGee in the shoulder.

Pickett appeared in court wearing a cream- and red-colored shirt and black pants. He was released from jail in March after Judge Fisher did not find probable cause for second-degree murder charges and instead found cause for a charge of manslaughter.

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