Man Dead After Shooting along Caribbean Festival Parade Route Saturday

A man is dead in DC after a multiple shooting during the Caribbean Festival near Howard University on Saturday afternoon.

The man has not been identified.

Reports the Washington Post,

It appeared that the parade had largely passed when the gunfire erupted, but many people had remained near the route. Witnesses said the sound sent people fleeing down Gresham Place and away from Georgia.

Assistant D.C. Police Chief Diane Groomes said the shooting had no connection to the festival or the university. Investigators think it stemmed from a neighborhood issue, she said.

In addition to the one man who was killed, three others were wounded and police believe that there were at least two gunman, NBC Washington reports.

A YouTube user, jjulesj123, posted video from the shooting showing two victims injured and the crowds gathered around them. Video of an injured man, who Jules believes died following the shooting, is here. Video of an injured woman, who has survived, is here. Warning that these videos may be upsetting.

If you were at the festival or can tell us anything more about the victims, email HomicideWatchDC [AT] Gmail [DOT] com or leave a comment below.

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