Man Who Helped Murder Suspect James Brewer Escape From DC Court Charged as Co-Defendant in Murder Case

A 30-year-old man suspected of switching court identification bracelets with murder suspect James Brewer has been added to Brewer’s case as a co-defendant.

Appearing in court Thursday, Bradley Allen waived his right to a preliminary hearing on a charge of aiding and abetting. Prosecutor Sharad Khandelwal said Allen is charged as an accessory after the fact and that the case will be indicted together with those of the three men charged with killing Solomon Reese.

According to charging documents in the case, Allen switched identification bracelets with Brewer and gave him his phone number. When Brewer appeared before the court to be presented, he posed as Allen, stating Allen’s name and signing it to court documents along with Allen’s phone number. As Allen, Brewer was released from custody.

Allen initially told U.S. Marshals that his bracelet “had inadvertently come off” and didn’t know what had happened to it. He later said someone had taken his bracelet from him. Later he said he had given it to Brewer. Allen said Brewer had offered him money for helping him escape.

Charging documents are below.

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