Comment of the Day: “This is a wake up call to our youth.”

This Comment of the Day comes from “Unknown Writer,” who wrote in about Anthony Hatton, suspected in the shooting death of Tyrell Fogle.

Don’t get me wrong, Mr.Hatton may have did his dirt, but who are we to judge him?? Mr.Fogle’s family and friends will not be the only family to suffer. Mr.Hatton has a familly as well who has to grieve about the self conscious act he pulled, yet only watch him age behind bars. I believe that what you sew is what you shall reap. Who are we to say that before Mr.Fogle died he wasn’t reeping something he sewed. Don’t get me mistaken, we are not in control to determine how someone should live or die, but we must look at things in two different perspectives instead of just pointing fingers. How do we know Mr.Hatton’s reasoning in this prosperous attempt to killing Mr.Fogle if we don’t stand in his situation?? I just feel that this is a wake up call to our youth, to realize we are never promised the nexts day so live with precarious and remember that what we do in the path, may sometimes haunt our FUTURE!!

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