Trial Date Set in Prince Okorie Murder Case

A trial date has been set for March of next year in the case accusing Raymond Roseboro of killing teen Prince Okorie in Petworth in Nov. 2010.

Roseboro, who will be 21 next month, pleaded innocent to a charge of first-degree murder while armed (premeditated) at his arraignment last week.

He also pleaded innocent to three weapons charges associated with the case.

At a preliminary hearing in the case in December, Metro Police Homicide Detective Darin March testified that investigators believe Okorie’s killing was related to “rumors” in the neighborhood that Okorie was cooperating with police in the prosecution of murder defendant Eric Foreman.

Foreman is charged with killing Catholic University grad student Neil Godleski. March said in court that Roseboro was located and arrested in the home of one of Foreman’s family members and that Roseboro and Foreman were close friends who referred to each other as “play cousins.”

Foreman’s case is expected to go to trial in February.

Read Roseboro’s indictment below.

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