Quentin Ragland was Shot with his own Revolver During “Tussle,” Karl Pugh Claims in Charging Documents

Karl Pugh was ordered held today on suspcion of second-degree murder in the shooting death of Quentin Ragland in Southeast DC yesterday.

According to charging documents, Pugh told authorities that he and Ragland were smoking PCP together when they got into a “tussle.” Ragland retrieved a revolver from his apartment, came back outside, and the “tussle” resumed, Pugh told police.

Pugh said he wrestled the revolver away from Ragland, but that the revolver fired while he was grabbing it.

Ragland was shot in the face at close range, charging documents state.

Pugh fled the scene, but ran into police who were canvassing the area and was taken into custody. He told authorities that he did not know what caused the “tussle,” and that he did not remember Ragland being shot, even though he remembered events before and after the shooting.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Sept. 30.

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