Attorney Moving to Insanity Defense for Robert Carter, Accused in Shooting Death of Angel Morse

The defense attorney for the man accused of killing his teenage daughter and holding others hostage in the home following the fatal shooting has filed paperwork with the court saying that he intends to pursue an insanity defense on behalf of his client.

Attorney Steven Kiersh and his client, Robert Carter, were before the court Friday.

Kiersh told Judge Thomas Motley that he does not doubt Carter’s competency to stand trial.

He’s competent,” Kiersh said. “The issue is going to be insanity.”

Carter, 40, has pleaded innocent to all 24 criminal counts he is charged with, including one count of premeditated first degree murder for the shooting death of his 13-year-old daughter Angel Morse.

At a prior hearing, Kiersh said Carter’s medical records show substance abuse issues, a history of psychosis and a suicide attempt.

Motley ordered a forensic screening for Carter and asked that he return to court Oct. 4.

A trial date has not yet been set.

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