Honduras Looks to DC for Help in Lowering Murder Rate

The Daily Beast reports that Honduran President Porfirio Lobo looked at DC’s homicide record this week while on a visit to the United States. Lobo asked his national security cabinet to look at how DC has lowered the number of reported murders from over 500 yearly to around 100 yearly.

Reports The Daily Beast:

Usually the District of Columbia police department collides with international politics only when there is a scandal. But Honduran President Porfirio Lobo made the city’s cops a special focus of his visit to the capital this week as he seeks solutions for the murder rampage in his own country.

During discussions with Attorney General Eric Holder, Lobo embraced the D.C. cops and their successful campaign to reduce the city’s murder rate as a potential model.

So impressed was Lobo with Holder’s presentation on Washington crime prevention that he told his national security cabinet, which was traveling with him, to stay on an extra day in Washington to meet with top D.C. law-enforcement officials.

“Prevention, deterrence of crime—it would be a holistic approach in our fight against crime,” Lobo said Holder explained in the meeting. “The fact of getting criminals and sending them to jail is no solution. We felt this experience to be something very interesting.”

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