Man Charged with Lying to Grand Jury Added as Co-Defendant in Angelo Jones Murder Case

A D.C. man accused of lying to the Grand Jury in a murder investigation has now been charged with first-degree murder as a co-defendant in the case.

Curtis Patterson, 23, was indicted last Friday on seven charges in connection with the shooting death of Angelo Jones in October 2010. Patterson appeared in court today with his codefendant, Rickey Pharr, who was arraigned on a superseding indictment in the case.

The indictment against both men alleges that in a Grand Jury inquiry Patterson lied to the court twice, once saying that the night Jones was killed Pharr never asked him for a weapon and once saying that the night Jones was killed he never gave Pharr a weapon.

The indictment alleges that Pharr did in fact ask Patterson for a weapon, that Patterson gave Pharr a gun, and that Pharr used that gun to shoot and kill Jones.

Both men have pleaded innocent to the charges.

A trial date has been set for Nov. 14.

The indictment, and Patterson’s notice of indictment, are below.

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