Comment of the Day: “I saw this young man laying in the street.”

This comment of the day comes from Christafa202, who wrote in about Eric Kearney.

First, to this young mans family and friends, my condolences to you. Once again, far too many of your young Black males dying under these same kinds of circumstances.

Second, I hope they catch the killer and when they do, get the timeline right. Maybe I’ve seen too many TV courtroom shows but do not go into court saying he was shot at 8:30pm because he was not. I didn’t hear any shooting or didn’t hear any running but I was driving on N. Capitol Street just past Florida Avenue where it splits to go to Lincoln Drive at 8:10pm where I saw this young man laying in the street. Other cars had stopped and as I passed is when I saw him laying face down, His head moved briefly, but then he just laid there. Within a few minutes, maybe even less than a minute when I saw him, three police on bicycles arrived where the first officer looked at him, called on his shoulder radio and rolled him over on his back and he was limp. News reports say he died at the hospital….and maybe he did… but I think he’d already passed based on the way police reacted upon seeing him.

Again, condolences to Eric’s family and friends and I hope the police apprehend his murderer.

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