Demetrius Thompson was “not one of those people”

The Washington Post interviewed the mother of Demetrius Emmanuel Thompson, killed just before midnight last night aboard the W4 Metro Bus in Southeast:

The news shocked Thompson’s family as they gathered in Talaya Thompson’s Fairfax Village home Thursday to recall the soft-spoken son, nephew and brother they called “D,” known for his megawatt smile. Talaya Thompson was so determined to keep violence away from her children that she didn’t allow them to have even toy water guns.

Relatives were concerned about what people might think when they heard of Thompson’s death.

Most people, when they hear that a young black man in Southeast was killed, they assume he was selling drugs or something bad—but not Demetrius,” said Talaya Thompson. “I just know this was a senseless murder. It has to be over something silly, because he’s not one of those people.”

The Washington Examiner also spoke to Thompson’s mother, who said she rides the same bus, and will keep doing so.

That’s my way to work,” she told the Examiner.

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