Drug Debt May Have Led to Jawan Parker’s Fatal Stabbing

A drug debt may have led to Jawan Parker‘s death Oct. 16, charging documents in the case against Tarkeyshia Brown allege.

Brown appeared in court Saturday to be presented with a charge of first-degree murder while armed.

In charging documents, two witnesses describe Brown looking for Parker, whom Brown called “Twin.”

One witness said Brown “ranted that “Twin” did something he was not supposed to do.”

Another said Brown was yelling about Parker owing her money over a drug debt.

When she found him, those two witnesses said, an intense altercation took place, with Brown yelling at Parker, appearing to punch him in his chest and stomach, and grab him by the back of his head and pull it down. When Parker walked away from the fight he was bleeding and he soon collapsed, charging documents state.

A third witness, who knows Brown, identified her as the person who stabbed Parker. That witness said Brown had a small silver-colored knife, which she used to stab Parker. That witness picked Brown out of a photo lineup. The other witnesses, who did not know Brown, did not.

A preliminary hearing has been set for Dec. 5.

Read charging documents below.

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