David Warren Added as Co-Defendant in Ervin Lamont Griffin Murder Case

The brother of a man arrested in October on suspicion of first-degree murder while armed has been arrested in connection with the same case.

David Warren, the brother of Montez Warren, is suspected of felony murder while armed in the shooting death of Ervin Lamont Griffin. Court records indicate he was presented with the charge on Nov. 9 and is expected for a preliminary hearing on Dec. 16.

David and Montez are listed as co-defendants in the case.

Charging documents in the case against Montez Warren, which are now under seal, describe Griffin and another man sitting in Griffin’s car on 18th Place NE late on May 13. Griffin was pulled from the car and forced to a back alley, where he was shot once in the throat, charging documents allege.

Charging documents in David Warren’s case state that it was David Warren who was in the car with Griffin that night.

The documents state:

[A witness] stated that IT observed David Warren grab [Griffin] by his collar and pull him from his vehicle. [The witness] heard [Griffin] state, “I don’t have any money.” [The witness] saw another person it knew by the name of Montez Warren sitting on the wall near David Warrn and within a few feet of the driver’s side of [Griffin’s] truck. [The witness] further stated that it saw Montez Warren, along with a third man unknown to [the witness], get up and accompany David Warren as he forcibly took [Griffin] up the alley and into the rear of the 1200 block of 18th Place NE Washington DC. [The witness] did not see a gun in David Warren’s hands. [The witness] stated that shortly after [Griffin] was escorted into the darkness of the alley by the three men, it heard a loud gunshot and then a loud scream from [Griffin].

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