Comment of the Day: “His kids and our son all have to suffer”

This Comment of the Day comes from MissingMyJR, who wrote about Kevin Washington:

Iam the Babymother of Kevin washington & our son who will be 1 next week has to grow up without his knowing his father at all. Our son was only 3 months old when kevin got killed didn’t even get to really do any bonding with with him… Everyday I wish that I was with him the night he got killed nagging him to stay in the house with us. I was reading about the other boys death who got killed in the same month (Chris) & I saw that he also was a father now his kids and our son all have to suffer because of some ignorant hood beef that could have easily been settlled! The problem with young men today is they can’t take a good old fashioned ass beaten. They can’t take a L so they gotta go do something so dumb as Taking anothers life! Kevin we love and miss you baby and may your heart and soul rest in peace<3

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