Fatal Robbery Recorded on 911 Call is Among Evidence in Case Against Md. Teen

The call came in to a 911 center in Maryland:

Stab this n**** up.”
“Work his pockets.”
“Give me your phone.”
“Come up off that North Face cuz.”
“Get in the f***ing car… C’mon before the police show up.”
“Nah son, I’m bout to stab this n*** up.”

When police arrived, Kevin Blackwell Jr. was found stabbed in the chest, the victim of an apparent robbery. He died later that night.

Harold Proctor, a 19-year-old Maryland man, was presented today with a charge of first degree felony murder. Prosecutor Charles Cobb said Proctor’s voice was among those heard on that 911 call and that Blackwell’s phone and North Face jacket were found in the Upper Marlboro home he shared with his grandparents.

Also at the home: a beige car similar to one seen fleeing the scene of the crime headed the wrong direction on a one-way street.

That’s according to charging documents in the case against Proctor, a case that Proctor’s defense attorney said was weak.

She said it was unclear exactly what prosecutors alleged Proctor did. There’s no information that Proctor was involved in the deadly assault itself, the attorney said.

Despite those arguments, Judge Karen Howze found probable cause to hold Proctor until a preliminary hearing can be held. That hearing was scheduled for Jan 6 at 11 a.m.

Read the charging documents below.

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