Terry Johnson Held in Shooting Death of Andre Wiggins

A “feud” between Andre Wiggins and Terry Johnson has killed one of the men and landed the other in jail.

Charging documents against Johnson state that a feud between the two had escalated the day Wiggins was killed, perhaps leading to his death.

According to witness statements included in the charging documents, Wiggins had followed Johnson’s young child and another person in an SUV as they walked down the street on Oct. 26. That person told police they feared for their safety and said that they had contacted associates of Johnson’s about the incident.

A short time later, Wiggins took a phone call. After, he told someone that the caller had accused him of following someone and warned him about being on specific streets in the neighborhood.

Video surveillance of the street where the shooting occurred shows Wiggins being chased down the street by an assailant with a gun. The assailant shoots, Wiggins falls, and the assailant flees.

Wiggins was pronounced dead at the scene of multiple gunshot wounds.

Johnson was ordered held this afternoon pending a preliminary hearing. His attorney, Premal Dharia, denied that there was cause to believe that Johnson was the person who shot Wiggins. She said inconsistincies in the witness’ statements— including what the shooter was wearing ans whether he was in a vehicle or on foot— cast suspicion on the veracity of their claims.

Johnson is due in court again on Jan. 20 for a preliminary hearing with Judge Thomas Motley.

Read the charging documents below.

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