Not Guilty” Pleas in Death of Glenn Scarborough

The three men charged with the brutal and fatal beating of Glenn Scarborough have each pleaded innocent to all of the charges against them.

Terrell Wilson, Phillip Swan and Theodore Spencer appeared in court Wednesday to answer to the charges against them. Those charges include murder, kidnapping, robbery, and various weapons charges, among others.

The indictment against the men alleges that they conspired to attack and assault Scarborough for mistreating Spencer’s mother, Sharon Spencer, who was gravely ill. The men also believed that Scarborough had failed to take proper care of Sharon Spencer during her illness.

She died in June.

Scarborough was found dead in his basement apartment on June 19, a day after Spencer, Wilson and Swan are alleged to have forced their way into the home, bound, suffocated, beaten and choked Scarborough.

A trial is set in the case for Sept. 24.

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