Two of Four People Believed to Have Taken Part in Fatal Robbery of Kevin Blackwell Now in Custody

Two of four people believed to have taken part in a fatal robbery in December are now in custody and detectives have been in contact with a third.

Harold Proctor was arrested Dec. 27 and Christopher Williams was arrested Jan. 20. Each are suspected of first-degree felony murder while armed in the stabbing death of Kevin Blackwell Jr.

Charging documents indicate that a third person involved in the robbery has been in touch with detectives and is a witness in the case.

They also indicate that a fourth person, Wayne Antwon Jackson, is wanted in connection with the murder. An affidavit in support of an arrest warrant for Williams includes Jackson’s name, stating that there is probable cause to arrest both Williams and Jackson.

The US Attorney’s Office said Monday that Jackson is not in custody; court records do not show any open cases in that name.

Jackson, who turned 22 in October, was last known to be living in Capitol Heights, Md.

According to initial charging documents in the case against Proctor, Blackwell was killed in a “revenge” robbery.

At Proctor’s preliminary hearing, Detective Detective Wayne Marable said Proctor, and another male, had recently been victims of a robbery perpetrated by Blackwell.

In that robbery, a woman Proctor and others were hanging out with had set Blackwell up to rob them. When the woman suggested on Dec. 17 that she “get money” from Blackwell, the three men agreed and Proctor drove them, at the woman’s direction, to Blackwell’s house in Southeast DC. One of the men in the car with Proctor, angry with Blackwell about the robbery, said Blackwell “had to die,” Marable testified.

When the foursome arrived in Southeast DC, the woman pointed them towards Blackwell’s house, then lured Blackwell, Marable said. The following moments were captured in a 911 call, which was played Friday at Proctor’s hearing.

“Stab this n**** up.”
“Work his pockets.”
“Give me your phone.”
“Come up off that North Face cuz.”
“Get in the f***ing car… C’mon before the police show up.”
“Nah son, I’m bout to stab this n*** up.”

The affidavit in the case against Williams and Jackson includes statements Proctor made to detectives while listening to that 911 call, explaining to detectives what was happening.

Williams is scheduled for a preliminary hearing with Judge Ronna Beck on Feb. 3.

Proctor was ordered held on substantial probability by Judge Beck on Jan. 6.

Charging documents in Williams’ case are below.

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