There was something evil in the house,” Man Accused of Killing Daughter told Mental Health Experts

A mental health report on Robert Carter, charged with first degree murder in the shooting death of his daughter, Angel Morse, includes Carter’s own accounting for what happened the afternoon Morse was killed. He has pleaded innocent.

The report is part of the public record connected to the case. At a December court date, attorneys disagreed on what specifically the report found and Carter’s attorney, Steven Kiersh, said that he would hire an expert to conduct further tests. Carter is due back in court Feb. 17.

Carter’s description of the shooting is after the jump. The description may be upsetting for some. Though the public document includes the witnesses’ names, Homicide Watch has used only their first initials.

According to the report, Carter explained:

On the day before the instant offense, Mr. Carter said that he and two of his children, Angel and “C,” were at his mother’s house. He indicated that he wasn’t using drugs that day, but had been using cocaine about four days previously. “I was talking with my grandmother and telling her I was had to leave “M” {his girlfriend}. Things between us weren’t going too good. She wouldn’t let me see our kids. I didn’t know whre they were half the time.” He then explained that when he and “M” had been broken up in the past, he didn’t see the children very much. He then said that she was a “prostitute for the government, I know that, and they were trying to kill me. She had me sign a life insurance policy so I know she was in on it.”

On the day of the instant offense, Mr. Carter reported that the children, Angel, “M,” and “S” came home after school. He said he had been snorting powdered cocaine during the day. He sent them to the corner store to “get stuff” and they were gone for approxomatly 20 minutes. His friend, “E” “wanted to come by and buy crack. When he came by, I asked him to take the boys with him when he went around the corner to get his hair cut, so he took “M” and “S.” I was getting high while they were gone. They came back one hour later. Something was happening. I don’t know what it was. I was outside my body looking at my body do things. I seen this before. I was upstairs on the second floor and Angel was on the first floor looking at TV. I got the gun out of my closet and came downstairs. She looked up and I grabbed her and pulled her down in the basement. There was something evil in the house. God had showed me all this evil before. Something pulled me into the basement- it was like I was just watching and I seen myself look back and me taunting myself- like I’m just looking, watching, looking at me-looking back at me… I killed her… After that I called my cousin and told him it was an accident- told him what happened. He told me to call an ambulance. I told him she was already dead. She wasn’t moving.” (He said when asked that he didn’t feel for a pulse.) “I called my daughter “C”- she stayed with her boyfriend- she was in school- I told her to find her mother, find her mother and come home- it was an emergency. My cousin called and my aunt- my aunt, my cousin, everybody called. I was still at the house. My aunt wanted me to get her from work. “E” and the boys came back from the barber. “R” came back. I still had the gun. I told them to sit on the couch and they did. I told “R” that I hurt Angel. They stayed on the couch- I was arguing with the voices not to do something to “R.” I was shouting at the voices. Then “C” and “M” came in. She opened the door and I grabbed her. Then “C” was shaking me saying, ‘Daddy- no- Daddy- no.’ By this time I had the gun poised and then “M” was holding her stomach about to go out the door. They also said I shot “S.” Then everybody was running- “M” ran down the steps and laid in the yard. “C” was trying to get the gun from me. He couldn’t, so I got in “E’s” car. I had the keys. “C” got in front of the car saying I had to leave and I did.”

After he left the house, he said he drove to Indian Head Highway. “I seen a detective in the car beside me {while he was driving} and the voices told me to shoot him, but I said no. I pulled off at the next exit and then got back on the highway. I bought drugs. The voices told me to go to the 4th District to the police station to shoot the police- let them kill me.” On the way there, he said he saw a line of police cars on Kenilworth Avenue blocking the exits. “The police were there- they chased me and I crashed a car into a building.” He said he was taken to Prince George’s Hospital and approximately three days later to Upper Marlboro. “I kept using drugs that day. I usually can ignore the situation, but that day, the drugs weren’t working to calm me down. The guy gave me drugs {when he went to a house near Indian Head Highway}, but I didn’t use them.”

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