Comment of the Day: Location Change for Deoni JaParker Jones’ Funeral

This Comment of the Day comes from regarding Deoni JaParker Jones:

Attention Family and Friends: Thank you all for the support and love that has been expressed to the family of JaParker Deoni Jones. Currently there has been a change of services for security reasoning. JaParker Jones funeral service will be held at the Covenant Baptist Church, located at: 3845 South Capitol Street SW Washington, DC. Service date will remain the same, for this Saturday Feb. 11, 2012. Viewing time begins at 9:00am with Funeral Services to begin at 11:00am. Please come out to support the family and friends and express your love an kindness to the family during this tragic time. Metropolitan Police Dept. will be providing a strong police presents for security. Thank you for your support. for further detailes, please contact:
Ashley-Latney Funeral Home (Shaun Ashley Reid) funeral director at the following: 202-688-2400 or 571-327-4555 God Bless

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