New Features Alert: Case Tracking

We’ve been in a development sprint here at Homicide Watch and I’d like to introduce you to two new features on the site.

This weekend we debuted Case Tracking, allowing you to check, at a glance, whether a suspect is suspected, has pled guilty, or has been convicted by jury. You’ll find this information on each suspect’s page below their name and biographic details. For example, Deon Eugene Thornton’s page now says “pled guilty in the death of Derrick Phillip Thornton Jr. on Feb. 11, 2011.”

Are you interested in seeing who else has pled guilty in Homicide Watch DC’s database? Click “pled guilty” on Thornton’s page for a full listing. The same works for “suspected” and “convicted by jury.” Or check these pages:

We’ve also added more ways for you to stay up-to-date on the cases you’re interested in. Now follow individual victims and suspects pages by clicking the orange “subscribe” button below the name and biography field (it’s right below the Tweet and Facebook share buttons).

You can still sign-up for our daily email, too. Enter your email address in the “Subscribe” field of the blue sidebar on the homepage. We promise not to share your email address with anyone.

Thanks for your support of Homicide Watch D.C. If you like these features, or find our reporting important and compelling, help us continue to build the site and report these stories by making a donation in any amount. The money raised helps pay for these efforts. You can click the yellow “donate” button on the homepage (next to subscribe) to make a secure Paypal donation to our efforts.

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