Murder Charge Against Aaron Adams Dismissed

A second-degree murder charge against Aaron Adams has been dismissed.

Adams, who was 25 years old when he was arrested in June 2011, was suspected in the stabbing death of Garrett Armand White.

The US Attorney’s Office declined to comment on the dismissal, but said that the investigation “is continuing.”

White was stabbed outside a nightclub on Georgia Avenue Northwest on May 29. According to charging documents in the case, when a police officer arrived on the scene, White was still alive and able to talk.

“Ace did this to me. He stabbed me,” White told the officer, who then asked what “Ace” looked like.

“If I make it through this, I will tell you,” White said.

White didn’t make it through. Just after 9 a.m. on Sunday May 29, he was pronounced dead, less than six hours after he had been stabbed.

In charging documents, detectives said “Ace” was Adams; at a preliminary hearing, Judge Gerald Fisher found probable cause to believe the charge against Adams.

According to court records, Adams was in the custody of a halfway house while the Grand Jury investigated his case. Records show that the case was dismissed last Thursday; the record does not show Adams having been indicted in the case.

In DC, an indictment, which is a formal charge, must be secured in the process of a Grand Jury investigation in order for the case to proceed to trial. Prosecutors have nine months from the time that a defendant is arrested to secure an indictment against that defendant.

Based on Adam’s arrest date, the nine month deadline in his case would have been up Feb. 15, 2012.

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