Jury Deliberations in Raymond Roseboro Case To Continue To Fourth Day

The jury tasked with determining Raymond Roseboro‘s guilt in the shooting death of Prince Okorie is expected to enter its fourth day of deliberations Friday morning.

Jurors appeared frustrated as they entered the courtroom at the end of the day Thursday. Several sighed as they took their seats.

Roseboro is charged with first-degree murder while armed. His attorney, James Rudasill, said in closing arguments that Roseboro is innocent of all charges against him, including murder.

According to charging documents in the case, a witness to Okorie’s death “heard a gunshot, looked, and saw [Roseboro] armed with a gun in [his] hand and [Okorie] on the ground. As [the witness] turned away, it heard additional gunshots.”

On the stand at trial, Roseboro said he was home with his mother, cousin, and girlfriend waiting for an appointment with a jobs counselor the afternoon that Okorie was killed.

The jury sent a note to Judge Russell Canan Wednesday afternoon, telling him that they were deadlocked. Canan instructed them to continue deliberating. No notes were received Thursday.

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