Comment of the Day: From both sides, “The court should be ashamed,” and “I have also lost faith in the dc court system”

This double Comment of the Day comes from two readers, Raymond Cousin and Lockupthelocalviruses, in response to the mistrial declared in Raymond Roseboro‘s case.

Wrote Raymond Cousin:

This is just bizarre and it is not fair to Mr.Roseboro, the jury couldn’t didn’t prove that it was beyond a resonable doubt to find him guilty. Judge Cannon read the instructions 3 times to the jury offering additional instructions. The jury deliberated Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday,Thursday,Friday AND Monday and did not fins him guilty. I think this judge has a problem with Mr.Roseboro. if this jury couldn’t find him guilty then another jury won’t find him guilty. The evidence or the witnesses will NOT change! You have a white man killing a young black 17 year old boy that hasn’t been charged or even in the custody of the law but yet we have a man here that a whole jury of 12 could not fins guilty. The court should be ashamed.

Responded Lockupthelocalviruses:

You sound in denial. What reason would somebody have against your cousin to say they saw him shooting this kid ? come on! Im very disappointed 3 people put him at the scene … he conveniently had a meeting with a job counselor that was 2hrs late (weird) there is enough evidence. I think.. i wonder the makeup of the jury whats the demographic…. this is extremely sad to see… I have also lost faith in the dc court system after this … You mean to tell me that someone can get shot at 4:30pm in the afternoon be seen with the gun shooting a person n the head in day light and get a mistrial ? straight up ridiculous … this hurts my heart on so many level

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