No Argument to Probable Cause in Amber Kent Stabbing, but Prosecutors Sent Back to Drawing Board on Cydrisse Alvin’s Detention

A DC woman suspected of fatally stabbing her friend and neighbor had her first appearance in DC Superior Court this afternoon; her attorney did not argue that there was not cause to believe that she committed the crime.

Cydrisse Alvin was arrested Monday at Malcolm X Elementary School in Southeast DC. Prosecutors say that Alvin stabbed her neighbor, Amber Lynette Kent, in front of at least two witnesses at about 9 a.m. that same day. The two women are friends on Facebook.

Prosecutors on Tuesday afternoon said there was evidence that Alvin was under the influence of PCP at the time of the stabbing.

Despite the defense’s submission on probable cause, Judge Karen Howze sent prosecutors back to the drawing board to revise the charging documents in the case. Howze said the documents did not include the government’s evidence regarding Alvin’s drug use and so did not prove that Alvin would be a danger to the community if released.

Alvin is expected back in court Wednesday afternoon to be presented with the government’s rewritten charge.

Two men arrested Monday near the scene of the stabbing also appeared in court Tuesday. They are suspected of fighting with the father of Alvin’s child shortly after Kent was pronounced dead. They were released and are due in court Aug. 10 for a preliminary hearing.

Charging documents in Alvin’s case and the assault cases are below.

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