Guilty” Verdict in Shooting Deaths of Father, Son in NE DC Robbery

Christian Taylor was found guilty this week of fatally shooting two Northeast DC men, a father and son, in a June 2010 robbery attempt on their store.

The verdict came just days short of the two-year anniversary of the crime.

Reports WJLA:

Police found Taylor using surveillance footage from the store’s cameras, eyewitness reports, as well as evidence he left behind at the store.

Ming-Kun Chih and Li Jen Chih were killed while simply trying to earn a living at their family’s store,” said U.S. Attorney Machen. “Thanks to an alert citizen, who provided critical information, this defendant was arrested, and now he has been brought to justice. This case shows the importance of people coming forward to stop violent predators in our community.”

A series of videos from the store’s surveillance cameras captured the crime in detail.

Reports the Washington Post:

In closing arguments, prosecutor Glenn Kirschner said it was uncommon for video cameras to capture a crime so clearly.

“It was both fortunate and unfortunate that the surveillance cameras caught every crime the defendant committed, in color and sound,” Kirschner said. “That is rare indeed.”

After the trial, jurors said that watching the killings was like “watching television.”

“I have never seen anything like that,” the 61-year-old foreman said outside the courtroom.

Another juror, a 66-year-old woman, covered her mouth with her hand the first time she saw the video.

“It was horrific,” she said. “It still gives me chills.”

Sentencing is scheduled for Aug 23.

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