Fight Led to Fatal Monday Kennilworth Stabbing, Witnesses Say

A fight over who “was a real Muslim” led to James Cain‘s stabbing death in Southeast DC Monday evening, a witness in the case has told police.

Antoine Little, 36, was arrested Thursday on suspicion of second-degree murder while armed in connection with Cain’s death. He was ordered held Friday pending a preliminary hearing in the case.

Charging documents in the case rely on two witness. One witness told police that when Little arrived in the Kennilworth neighborhood where Cain was Monday night, Cain greeted Little but the two soon began arguing about “who was a real Muslim and who was a fake Mulsim,” charging documents state

The two pushed and shoved each other a bit, then Little produced a knife and Cain retrieved a “long metal object” from nearby. Before Cain swung the piece of metal, Little stabbed him, the witness told police, according to the charging documents.

But the other witness relied on in charging documents describes a different scenario.

That witness told police that Cain armed himself with a “metal spear like object” and swung at Little. Little grabbed the metal object, pulled Cain close in, and stabbed him, the witness told police according to the charging documents.

A preliminary hearing was scheduled in the case for July 13 with Judge Thomas Motley.

Charging documents in the case are below.

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