Comment of the Day: “he will never make the trip”

This Comment of the Day comes from Mike, who wrote in about Hayes Osei Dennis.

I am currently Presidential/Goldstar cab driver and have been driving for the past 3 years. During my tenure with Goldstar I had the pleasure to work with “Hayes” and although he would also drive a cab, Goldstar #1, I was able to always discuss matters regarding the repair of my taxicab at anytime during my repair visits and was always greeted with respect and professions by Hayes he was always friendly and helpful to whatever I needed, in fact, I just saw him last weekend on July 13th. Before driving to the Q St. shop, I called him to obtain information on the renewal of my insurance sticker, which was expired for two weeks, so after our conversation, I was unsure if he would give me the sticker since I owed some previous sticker and was afraid of being cancelled, so I explained to Hayes that I did not have enough money and could not afford the stickers since my taxicab was not in service for a whole month due to mechanical problems, so I headed to the shop and after handing him my last $40, he looked at me and said, “Mike if you do not have the insurance money, I will give you the stickers and while you work on getting the money, just return Monday, but go make some money first,” I was not surprise to hear this from him since he was always helpful and the most vivid example before the sticker. He ensured that my cab passed inspection. The most shocking impact to me that has been plaguing my head since I heard of his death early today, is that as he handed me the insurance stickers, he noticed that my inspection sticker was going to expire late August so he looked at me and said, ” MIKE MAKE SURE THAT YOU GIVE ME THE CAB THIS MONDAY TO RENEW YOUR INSPECTION, BUT MAKE SURE YOU DO IT THIS MONDAY SINCE I WILL BE GOING TO AFRICA AT THE END OF THE MONTH” and now, as a result of this cowardly murderer, he will never make the trip he was so forward looking for, nor will I ever see this beautiful human being again. I will say this like a brother, if you can hear me since you’re in Heaven, my heart goes to you and your family Hayes, and you were a truly good human being who always cared for the wellbeing of other. May God bless you my brother. Rest in Peace!

Your friend always,
Mike Presidential #913

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