Probable Cause Found In Amber Kent Murder

Cydrisse Alvin was ordered held today after Judge Ronna Beck found probable cause that Alvin stabbed her neighbor, Amber Kent, at the Southeast DC apartment building where they both lived.

Alvin was arrested June 4 at Malcolm X Elementary School in Southeast DC. Prosecutors say that Alvin stabbed Kent in front of at least two witnesses earlier that same day.

Alvin is suspected of second-degree murder while armed. Before the hearing Wednesday she rejected a plea offer that would have found her guilty of voluntary manslaughter. Prosecutors said Wednesday that Alvin could ultimately be charged with first-degree murder, which bears a minimum 30 year sentence.

At the hearing, MPD Detective Anthony Patterson testified that a knife was recovered from Kent’s apartment following the stabbing, but no blood was visible on the weapon.

Alvin’s defense attorney suggested that the lack of blood on the knife could mean that it was not in fact the murder weapon.

Alvin is due back in court Oct. 26 for a felony status conference.

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