Delron Atchison and Vincent Gray Plead Guilty in Shooting Death of Demetrius Thompson

Two men accused in a fatal Metro bus shooting pleaded guilty to the charges against them earlier this month. The men, Vincent Gray and Delron Atchison each were charged with second-degree murder and assault with a dangerous weapon in the shooting death of Demetrius Thompson.

According to a proffer of evidence signed by Atchison and Gray, the two men fought with Thomspon near the Congress Heights Metrorail Station on the evening of Oct. 19, 2011. After the fight Atchison and Gray drove to the 2300 block of Hartford Street, S.E., where they parked and obtained a gun, according to the proffer.

At about 11:45 that night, Atchison and Gray walked to the 2200 block of Alabama Avenue, S.E. where they saw a W4 Metrobus traveling towards them on Alabama Avenue. When it stopped, Gray boarded the bus and saw Thompson sitting near the rear exit.

According to the proffer, Gray then yelled out, “Get off the bus; don’t make a scene,” and then signaled to Atchison to board the bus. As Atchison walked down the bus aisle, Gray followed behind him. When the two reached within a few feet of Thompson, Atchison drew a 9mm handgun. After a few moments, Atchison fired twice, striking Thompson both times. Atchison and Gray then fled out the back door of the bus.

Thompson died of his injuries a few hours later.

Gray and Atchison were indicted on charges of first-degree murder, assault, and weapons charges in May, about six months after being arrested. They are scheduled for sentencing Dec. 14.

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