Probable Cause Found Against Calvin Shaw in Fourth of July Murder of Crevontai Key

Judge Robert Morin found probable cause last month against Calvin Shaw for the Fourth of July murder of Crevontai Key. The case is held, pending a grand jury. A felony status conference is now scheduled for Jan. 11, 2013.

Shaw is suspected in Key’s death. Key was struck by a single gun shot through the lung while in the 500 block of First Street NW. Three others were injured. According to court documents, Shaw is alleged to have been a member of a neighborhood crew with territory in the 7th and Kennedy Street NW neighborhood; the shooting is considered gang-related.

A witness who “stared the shooter in the face” identified Shaw from a photograph lineup, according to the affidavit.

The affidavit states that three men wearing white shirts emerged from the alley on Farragut Street NW. As Shaw approached Key and a group of others, he drew a semi-automatic from his waistband.

Police found 27 total shell casings at the scene. Eleven were .40 caliber casings, eight were from a .380, and eight were from a .45 caliber gun.

Shaw initially told detectives that he was with his girlfriend around the time of the shooting. His girlfriend denied that statement.

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