Comment of the Day: “They should charge all of these guys as Adults”

This Comment of the Day comes from a reader, who weighs in on the decision to charge 17-year-oldĀ Chavez Tyrek Myers as an adult in the stabbing death of Olijawon Griffin:

They should charge all of these guys as Adults.They aren’t kids,they knew what they were doing.I believe a eye for eye,tooth for a tooth.Olijawon didn’t get ask if he wanted to be stab and be killed.SO these boys shouldn’t have a say so ab out anything.Trial them as Adults and put them jail and throw away the key.R.I.P. Olijawon

The Washington Post reported yesterday that four other teens who were initially charged as juveniles will now be charged as adults with armed robbery in the incident that apparently led to Griffin’s death.

WUSA also has a story, which names the four teens, who are all 17 years old.

Four additional teenagers, two 15-year-olds and two 16-year-olds, are being charged as juveniles in the robbery and the subsequent fight in the Woodley Park Metro station during which Griffin was stabbed, the Post reports.

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